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Roderic Land

Roderic Land

Associate Professor

Phone: 801-581-5206

Email: roderic.land@utah.edu

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Dr. Roderic Land is an assistant professor at the University of Utah in the Department of Education, Culture & Society and the Ethnic Studies Program. Having received his PhD in Educational Policy Studies Dr. Land, committed his life and work to higher education. As a scholar activist, he has insisted on bridging the gap between theory and practice. His history and hands on approach to communities of color is paramount and largely significant to his research agenda.

As a professor his academic range includes sociology of urban education, urban educational policy, critical race theory, hip-hop and social justice education, and African American studies. His research is committed to liberatory educational practices with sound pedagogical approach. In other words, Dr. Land insist that race and racism, coupled with other historical, oppressive realities are yet continued battles in the 21st century and largely important to the new millennium scholar.

Dr. Land has taken his work and gifts seriously. His community involvement is untiring and necessary to his philosophy and work as scholar, researcher and academician. He maintains and believes that God has assigned him to this duty and he humbly works as servant for his students and the many he has mentored throughout the years on a national level. His ultimate global impact will resituate the perception of Ethnic Minorities.